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Clean Heating

We can help you get a warmer, healthier home inside and out with plenty of efficient heating options including heatpumps, gas fires, pellet burners and woodburners.

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From 2005 onwards, new fires have been manufactured to meet the new Government air quality standards. Older fires contribute to the air quality problem because they are less efficient and have higher pollutant emissions. The Regional Council rules state that non-compliant fires are or will be prohibited from use, and the older fires were phased out first.

Which fires are now illegal?

  • If your property sits on less than 2 hectares in Airzone 1 you can now no longer use an open fire.
  • You can now no longer use non-complying fires installed before August 2005.
  • If your property is less than 2 hectares and located within Airzone 1 then any non-compliant wood burner or open fire is prohibited from use when the property is transferred to a new owner. 
  • During the months of May to August (inclusive) outdoor burning is not allowed unless a resource consent is obtained. Permitted Activities: burning taking place on horticultural production land for the purposes of disease control or redevelopment; Fires used for cooking such as BBQ's pizza ovens, hangi or brazier.
  • Non-complying burners installed after 31 August 2005 cannot be used after 1 January 2018 in Airzone 1 of the Hastings Airshed and 1 January 2020 in the Airzone of the Napier Airshed. 
  • Properties greater than 2 hectares in size, or located in Airzone 2 of the Hastings or Napier Airsheds can continue to use their existing burners or open fires, however, on replacing the burner, the relevant national burner emission limits must be complied with.

Replacing your open fire or older model wood burner gives you cleaner winter air and a healthier home inside and out. We can help you and provide advice and funding for plenty of efficient heating options, including heatpumps, gas fires, pellet burners and wood burners. More information at EECA.

Funding options are dependent on where you live - if your property is in Napier or Hastings cities and your property falls in the one of the Airsheds, you will qualify for Clean Heat borrowing or a grant. You can check whether you live within one of these Airsheds here. If you live outside of these Airsheds we can still help with funding to install clean heating. Find out more below.

How can I found out if my property is in an Airshed?

You can check if your property falls in to an airshed zone on the map at the bottom of this page.

Replacing a woodburner if your property is in an Airshed

You can do this through our existing Clean Heat programme which offers two funding options. We have been targeting high winter air pollution levels in Hastings and Napier for some years now, and provide grants or borrowings to homeowners, including landlords, to upgrade their woodburners. Borrowing is at a 3.0% interest rate.

Only properties greater than 2 hectares in size, or located in Airzone 2 of the Hastings or Napier Airsheds, can continue to use their existing burners or open fires. However when replacing the burner, it must meet national burner emission limits.

Within the Airshed zones, there are two funding options for assisting people to upgrade, as this is a priority area for reducing air pollution from smoky fires in winter.

Find out how to apply below.


1. Clean Heat Grants

We can provide a one-off grant for replacing a non-compliant fire with a compliant wood burner, gas fire or heater or heatpump. 

Grants are claimed when the fire has been replaced. The grant is either:

  • $700 (incl GST) if invoiced by a supplier, who can pass it on to you as a discount or,
  • $608 GST exclusive if paid directly to you.

Confirmation from a supplier that the old fire has been removed or decommissioned will be required to qualify for the grant and payments can be made direct in your bank account.

2. Clean Heat Borrowing

Alternatively homeowners can borrow a one off amount at highly competitive rates and pay this back as a rate (we call it a voluntary targeted rate or VTR).

Do I qualify for a clean heat rate?

Yes, if your property falls within the airshed areas (see map below) in Napier or Hastings), you can borrow from HBRC to replace a non-compliant fire with a clean heat source, such as a compliant wood burner, gas heater or fire or heatpump. This must be supplied and installed by an HBRC contracted service provider.

The repayments depend on how much you need to borrow, based on a 3% interest rate. The table below shows an indication of repayments over a 10 year term (borrowings at $250 increments).

Clean Heat Borrowing AmountTotal Amount to repayCost per month
$1000 $1150 $9.58
$1250 $1440 $12.00
$1500  $1730 $14.42
$1750 $2020 $16.83
$2000  $2310 $19.25
$2250  $2600 $21.67
$2500  $2890 $24.08
$2750  $3180 $26.50
$3000  $3470 $28.92
$3250  $3760 $31.33
$3500  $4050 $33.75
$3750  $4340 $36.17
$4000 $4630 $38.58
$4250 $4920 $41.00
$4500 $5210 $43.42

Repayments calculator

Find out what your repayments might be using our Voluntary Targeted Rate (VTR) 10 year calculator.

Please note: we will confirm your exact repayments on application.


Replacing a woodburner elsewhere in Hawke’s Bay (outside of Airsheds)

We are pleased to extend many of the benefits of the existing upgrade programme to any home through out Hawke’s Bay through the new Sustainable Homes programme. This will help more homes to be warmer and healthier.

Hawke’s Bay homeowners can borrow up to $4500 for upgrading their open fire or woodburner with either a new fire, a heatpump, gas or electrical appliance of their preference. 

They pay this off via a monthly direct debit (link to form) over 10 years, or sooner. Borrowing is at a 6% interest rate. 

Yes, if you're a Regional Council ratepayer and you don’t have outstanding rates due.

The repayments depend on how much you need to borrow, based on a 6% interest rate. The table below shows an indication of repayments over a 10 year term (borrowings at $500 increments).

Repayments Calculator 

Voluntary Targeted Rate (VTR) 10 year calculator - Funding Rate 6%


homes value*

Total to repay

Cost per month

















































































How can I apply?

1. No matter which programme you apply for, it is important to obtain 2-3 quotations from our contracted service providers for that programme. 
2. Decide on your preferred provider and accept the quotation.
3. Your chosen provider will ask you to complete the relevant sections of a Heatsmart application form.
4. They will then submit the form to HBRC and handle the application from there for you. 

Print off the PDF application form in 'related documents' above, and post or bring in to our offices, or through your supplier.

Important Points to Consider

  • To qualify for Clean Heat funding you must be replacing an existing non-compliant fire in a property you own within the airzone area.
  • All loan applications must be made through an HBRC contracted service provider.
  • HBRC recommend that you obtain two comparative quotes from approved suppliers before submitting your chosen quote.
  • Loan applications WILL be declined if you are in arrears with HBRC rates payments.
  • Confirmation from the supplier that the old fire has been removed/decommissioned will be required for grants or loans (no proof = no payment)

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An airshed is a legally designated air quality management area. In New Zealand, regional councils and unitary authorities have identified areas to be managed as airsheds for the purposes of the national environmental standards for air quality.

The majority of our airsheds may have levels of pollutants that exceed the national environmental standards for air quality. Some airsheds are also identified based on factors such as

  • number of people living in the airshed now or in the future
  • unique weather patterns and geography
  • local air emissions, such as local industrial activity, that need to be specifically considered and managed. 

You can use the map below to check whether your property falls in to the airshed, and what it means regarding replacing a non-compliant fire if you live in the blue or red zones. 

Sustainable Homes direct debit form

Complete the direct debit form below and we will do the rest.

Follow this link if the form fails to load. online form.

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