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Wairoa District Council wastewater consent application

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has received the following application for resource consents under the Resource Management Act 1991. The application is publicly notified in accordance with section 95A of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Applicant: Wairoa District Council

Details of Proposed Activity:

  • To discharge treated wastewater from the Wairoa Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Wairoa River within the coastal marine area via an outfall structure (pipeline) (Rule 160 – Regional Coastal Environmental Plan (RCEP));
  • To discharge aerosols and odour to air associated with the receipt, treatment and storage of wastewater from the Wairoa Wastewater Treatment Plant (Rule 28 – Regional Resource Management Plan (RRMP));
  • To replace the main outfall structure (pipeline) and any associated earthworks (Rule 97 – RCEP);
  • The maintenance and potential re-establishment of the main outfall structure within the coastal marine area (relocation of main outfall structure) (Rule 117 – RCEP);
  • To allow for the relocation, the maintenance and operation of the overflow outlets from the North Clyde, Alexandra Park, Kopu Road and Fitzroy Street pump stations (Rule 69 – RRMP);
  • To carryout earthworks, construction and rehabilitation activities related to the relocation and maintenance of the Wairoa Wastewater Treatment Plant main outfall structure (Rule 130 – RCEP);
  • To allow vegetation clearance and soil disturbance within the coastal marine area associated with the replacement (and future modification/relocation) of the main outfall structure (Rule 8 – RCEP);
  • The occupation of riverbed for the main outfall structure within the Coastal Marine Area (Rule 178 – RCEP);
  • To discharge untreated wastewater from the Alexandra Park and North Clyde pump stations via overflow outlet pipes into the Wairoa River (Rule 52 – RRMP);
  • To discharge untreated wastewater from the Kopu Road pump station via overflow outlet pipe into the Wairoa River (Rule 9 – RCEP);
  • To discharge treated wastewater from the Wairoa WWTP via overflow outlet pipe into the Wairoa River (Rule 160 – RCEP).

Location:  Whakamahi Road, Kopu Road, 19 Marine Parade, corner of Freyberg Street and River Parade and various locations within the Coastal Marine Area (CMA). The location is fully described by the application for resource consent.

Application Number: APP-123774

Full Details of the Application may be viewed at:

  • Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s website
  • HBRC offices, 159 Dalton Street, Napier and Wairoa Office/Depot, 46 Freyberg Street, Wairoa

If you have any queries about the application or how to lodge a submission, please contact Tania Diack HBRC Consents +6468338091,

Supporting documents:

Public Notice

APP-123774 WDC WWTP and associated activities - Officer Report Final

Andrew Heron - River usage
Cam Drury - Planning
Common bundle of attachments
Conditions response to S42a
Gary Teear - River structure
Hamish Lowe - Project overview and engagement
Phil Lake - Effluent characteristics
Shaw Mead - Water quality impacts
Stephen Heath - WDC engineering overview

K Kawana - Expert advice
S Smith - Statement of evidence
Statement of evidence -  Ina Kara-France
Esther Foster - Expert advice
Lis Battes - Expert advice
Mr Dempsey - Q&A




Submissions for this application opened on Tuesday 13 August 2019 and closed Tuesday 10 September 2019, 22 submissions were received

Pre-hearing meetings:

Two pre-hearing meetings have been undertaken since submissions closed.  The first pre-hearing meeting was held on Thursday 17 October 2019 with a second pre-hearing deemed necessary which was subsequently held on Friday 28 February 2020.  As there is opposition to this proposal a hearing is required to determine this application.


A hearing date has been set for Monday 30 November 2020 and will be held at the Wairoa War Memorial Hall.  An agenda is currently being drafted and will be made available to the submitters shortly.  Further information regarding this proposal has been provided, please refer to the table below under Documents Post Notification.


The hearings panel have prepared their decision for this proposal dated 1 October 2021 and the decision is to grant the application subject to the conditions.  A copy of full text of the decision with appendices are attached in the below table under Decision.

Folder Name


Subject/Report Title and document link


Application documents


Consent Application and AEE (Assessment of Environmental Effects)

Phil Lake/Hamish Lowe – Lowe Environmental Impact Ltd (LEI) – November 2018



Covering letter and application forms

Wairoa District Council – 29 November 2018



Report Relationships-AEE

LEI – 29 November 2018



Consultation Summary

LEI – 29 November 2018



Certificates of Title




Draft Conditions

Wairoa District Council – 29 November 2018 (version 14)



Schedule 4 RMA Checklist

LEI – 29 November 2018


Application-AEE-AppF-WDC CD940404W

CD940404W – copy of current resource consent approval


Supporting Documents


Wairoa Wastewater Treatment and Discharge - Best Practicable Option

LEI – October 2018



Conceptual Design for Wairoa Wastewater Treatment and Discharge

LEI – November 2018



Wairoa WWTP Outfall: 3D Hydrodynamic Numerical Modelling

eCoast – 24 November 2018 (version V4)



Infrastructure Development - Workshop Minutes

LEI – 23 May 2018



Wairoa Catchment Contribution C3 - Memo

LEI – 20 November 2018



Wairoa Wastewater Treatment and Discharge – Assessment of Environmental Effects – Marine Ecology

eCoast – 26 November 2018 (version V2)



Cultural Impact Assessment of Wairoa Wastewater Discharges to Wairoa River

Nigel How – 26 November 2018


C9-Application_Stradegy2018C9-Planning Assessment-AEE

Wairoa Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharge – Resource Consent Application

Stradegy – 29 November 2018

Supporting Documents Background



Wairoa District Council Sewage Reticulation – Investigation of Options

goodearthmatters – September 2017 (Revision A)



Wairoa Wastewater Discharge Re-Consenting – Summary of Wastewater and Stormwater Overflow Issues

LEI – October 2015



Wairoa Wastewater Modelling – Stage 1 – Trunk Model Downstream of Pump Stations

OPUS – January 2012



Wairoa Wastewater Modelling – Stage 3 – Detailed Wastewater Network Model

OPUS – August 2012



Wairoa WWTP Outfall Model Build and Assessment Report

OPUS – October 2017

Supporting Documents Background



Geotechnical Assessment of Water Treatment Ponds

Land Development & Exploration Ltd – 17 August 2017



High Rate Land Passage - Memo

LEI – 11 September 2017




WWTP System Data and Compliance Summary

LEI – October 2017 (version 2)




Current Outfall Pipe Description

LEI – 11 September 2017


Supporting Documents Background



Stage 1:Peer Review of Estuary/Ocean Receiving Environment Report

eCoast – 2 April 2018



A3D3-Water-eCoast2018A3D3_ecological Monitoring_eCoast_261118-AEE

Assessment of effects of Wairoa District Council’s existing intertidal sewage discharge on benthic sediment characteristics and ecology – Wairoa Estuary

eCoast – 26 November 2018 (V3 - version 2)



Recreational Use Analysis – Interim Analysis of Open Water Use

LEI – 7 August 2017



Wairoa River Estuary Impact Summary

LEI – 23 May 2017


A3I1b-Water-TFin2018A3I1b-Outfall benthic survey2017_DRAFT-AEE

Benthic Effects Monitoring of the Wairoa District Council Municipal Wastewater Outfall at sites in the lower Wairoa estuary: 2017 Survey

Triplefin – May 2018



Existing Environmental Data Summary

LEI – September 2017

(Version 3)



Public Health Risk Summary - Memo

LEI – 9 September 2018



Additional Environmental Monitoring Data - Memo

LEI – 17 October 2018



Task A315 Wairoa River Recreational Use Survey - Memo

LEI – 28 February 2017



Assessment of Ecological Effects on the Wairoa River Estuary from the Wairoa Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall

environmental assessments &monitoring ltd (EAM) – July 2007


A3-Water-EAM2011 Benthic survey 2011-AEE

Monitoring of benthic effects of the Wairoa District Council wastewater treatment plant outfall discharge at sites in the lower Wairoa River Estuary: 2011 survey

EAM – May 2012

Supporting Documents Background

A4-Tangata Wheuna


Tangata Wheuna Worldviews for Wastewater Management in Wairoa

Nigel How – November 2017 (version 8)

Supporting Documents Background



Preliminary Feasibility Assessments of Land Passage Options

LEI – October 2017 (version 2)



Wairoa Wastewater Consenting Project – Land Treatment Opportunities

LEI – October 2017 (version 2)



Task A5I2 – Cost of land procurement - Memo

LEI – 9 October 2017

Supporting Documents Background



A6I1 – Preliminary Assessment of values for wastewater discharge

LEI – 20 October 2017

Supporting Documents Background



Ocean Outfall Concept and High Level Cost - Memo

LEI – 5 September 2017



Wairoa Wastewater Discharge Consenting Planning Considerations

LEI – April 2018



Wairoa Wastewater Discharge Re-Consenting Natural Hazard Implications

LEI – January 2017



Wairoa River Mouth Data & Pioneering History - Memo

LEI – 14 August 2017



High Level Options and Associated Costings - Memo

LEI – 15 March 2017

Consultation and Options

Package Reports


Discharge Options

LEI – August 2017



Integrating Wastewater Options and Holistic River Health Approach - Memo

Rationale Limited – 30 August 2017



Wairoa River and Wastewater A Big Picture Solution

LEI – November 2017



Wairoa Wastewater Package – A Way Forward

LEI – November 2017

Consultation and Options

Technical Options


Wairoa WWTP and Reticulation Upgrade Options

LEI - July 2017

Request and Response for further information S92 Documents


Initial information request - after site visit, technical reviews and comments back from LEI and WDC

HBRC – 26 March 2019



2nd information request – proposed replacement outfall structure and stormwater discharge

HBRC – 12 July 2019


Revised responses to Wairoa WWTP s92 questions - APP-123774 - 190625

S92 response table

WDC & HBRC – 25 June 2019


Wairoa WWTP consenting overview -190625

Letter outlining the intent of consent application and response to further information request – to be read in conjunction with S92 response table

WDC – 25 June 2019

HBRC Technical reviews

APP-123774_2019-07-11 Wairoa DC Wairoa WWTP Consent Review Findings WWTP Focus Rev2

Review of Consent Application and Section 92 Responses – wastewater treatment system

Mott MacDonald – 11 July 2019 (Rev B)




Wairoa Wastewater Treatment Plant – wastewater discharge (current outfall pipe) and management of the Wairoa River mouth

HBRC – 13 February 2019


APP-123774_HBRC Engineers memo 20Dec2018

Wairoa Wastewater Treatment Plant – wastewater discharge regime and relocating of pipe (current outfall pipe)

HBRC – 20 December 2018


APP-123774_memo 190704 HBRC WWTP Pipeline Outfall

Wairoa Wastewater Treatment Plant – Proposed replacement outfall structure review

e2environmental Consulting Engineers – 4 July 2019


APP-123774_Memo Wairoa Application 4 June 2019

Review of Wairoa WWTP Ecological Assessments

Coast & Catchment Ltd – 4 July 2019

Documents post notification

10292-WDC-Draft_conditions_no_commentary-200904_V20  Proposed Draft Consent Conditions  LEI/WDC/CD – 4 September 2020
  10292-WDC-Draft_conditions-200904_V20 Proposed Draft Consent Conditions with commentary to address feedback from HBRC and submitters  LEI/WDC/CD – 4 September 2020
  Wairoa Outfall Drawing Set 01-10-19 Preliminary proposed Outfall Structure plans  OCEL – June 2019
  10292-WDC-Plans_for_proposed_wastewater_consent_conditions-200908 Proposed Outfall Structure plan and location plans  LEI/OCEL –  4 September 2020
  WDC_Effluent_Sampling_Results_Wairoa_WWTP_with_proposed_limits-200904  Effluent sampling results from 1999 to early 2020  LEI/WDC – 4 September 2020
  Wairoa WWTP consent APP-123744 - WDC response to second s92 request -191011 Response to 2nd s92 further information request for stormwater management and replacement outfall structure WDC – 11 October 2019
  Wairoa_WWTP_consent_APP-123744-WDC_response_to_HBRC_feedback_re_2nd_s92_responses-200907 Latest s92 response from WDC including changes to draft consent conditions WDC – 7 September 2020
    First Minute   
    Second Minute   
    Third Minute   
    Fourth Minute   
    Fifth Minute   
    Sixth Minute   
    Seventh Minute   

Wairoa District Council closing submission

Wairoa District Council closing submission

    Eighth Minute  
    Ninth Minute  
  Wairoa Decision Wairoa Decision  
  Appendix 1 Appendix 1  
  Appendix 2 Appendix 2  




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